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  • Why is my shag carpet pile laying down?

    We get this question a lot, why is my shag carpet pile laying down?

    Frankly, the number one reason for this is poor maintenance. regular vacuuming with a quality vacuum cleaner that has a good brush on it is key to keeping you carpet looking good and standing tall. We have seen so many carpets that ar just beyond getting back in shape, even after just a few months.

    In addition to helping the pile stand up, regular vacuuming also pulls the soil out. By doing this regular vacuuming you increase the longevity of the carpet and DECREASE the frequency of carpet cleanings (yes it hurts to say it, but its true) and when you do have the carpets professionally cleaned, it will take less time and effort and so cost you less.

    In addition to a good quality vacuum cleaner, many people used to use a carpet rake to groom their shag carpet and this helps lift the pile as well.