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    Restoration Carpet Cleaning

    We recently bought a couple of new bits of equipment to perform restoration carpet cleaning. I put off buying for some time but now realise I was a fool to do so. Not only can this new equipment do an incredible job restoring carpets to former glory, but it can also get them so much […]

    Affordable tenant move out carpet cleaning

    Quality, affordable tenant move out carpet cleaning thats acceptable to landlords & owners Please be patient and read through all of this information, it might save you two cleaning bills. Most tenant move out carpet cleanings are only looking to satisfy the landlords requirement to have the carpet cleaned. Quality is rarely a factor so […]

    Thinking of changing your flooring? Read this!

    I have now had two clients spend upwards of $50,000.00 on flooring that does not perform as they thought it would. In both situations they were looking to reduce maintenance costs in scrubbing/stripping and waxing and just have a “mop and go” floor. This has not really happened in either case. Certainly, they do not […]

    Dare we say…Spring Cleaning?

    Well its nearly that time isn’t it? Not that we can complain too much about the weather we have had. We are starting to get Spring Cleaning requests now though and so we urge you to book ahead for this because we will be busy with regular work and although operating a couple of trucks, […]

    Fluorescent stains and how to remove them

    We are asked many times to remove these stains, whether they are juice, powdered drinks, wax spills the following is probably the best solution we have found that works most of the time. We tend not to carry out this procedure except on the smallest spills because it is time consuming and most folks when […]

    New van and equipment

    In June I added a 2010 Van and equipment. I did this sooner than I needed to and in time to ensure the quality of cleaning does not diminish by having the older equipment get out of date. I cannot believe how effective this new unit is, and with a new supplier of cleaning materials, […]


    I had a client recently wonder why I charged him what I did for the work I had done. When his wife called me for a quote (which I gave) and scheduled the cleaning It was her husband that let me in and paid me. She had mentioned that she hoped I would do a […]

    I know it’s occasional but FEBRUARY

    Was the last time I added something here. Unbelievable that so much time has passed. Plenty has happened since then. Sadly (for us) Mike decided to leave and move to BC to be closer to his daughter. Our best wishes to you and Jaime. A replacement for Mike has still not been found, not that […]

    A vinyl flooring disaster (almost)

    We just got back from repairing a sheet vinyl floor. The installer had done a great job of laying the flooring and then decided he would put a protective finish on it. Sadly, he did not prep the floor or use the correct product to protect it. It really didn’t look good at all and […]

    One year anniversary (for Mike that is)

    Mike Doucet officially joined the team this time last year and in that time has learned much and become a real professional. We rely on two factors to make our business successful: 1. An ability to clean carpet and upholstery well. 2. A friendly, helpful attitude. Unquestionably, Mike has these two attributes and we consider […]