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  • Cleaning waxed vinyl tile flooring

    General instructions for cleaning waxed vinyl tile flooring

    Materials required:

    Mop Bucket with wringer, a quality, clean mop and neutral Ph floor cleaner. A dust mop would also be beneficial.

    If mop is dirty, clean with hot water and ? oz of detergent in 2 gallons of hot water in mop bucket. Agitate mop in bucket, wring and agitate until clean. You might require two or three repeats of this procedure until mop is clean. Alternatively, throw it in a washing machine but do not tumble dry.

    Dust mop floor if possible to remove grit, sand etc.

    Fill the bucket about 1/2 -3/4?? full with cool water (or 2-3 gallons) NEVER USE HOT WATER

    Dispense 1 or 2 oz of detergent into water; after bucket is filled with water, this avoids foaming. 1 oz is less than recommended but can be increased if floor is heavily soiled.

    Wet and lightly wring out mop. Mop floor with a side to side motion similar to a sideways figure of eight walking backwards as you go. Beware of falling backwards down a flight of stairs and look out for tripping hazards.

    Frequently rinse and wring mop.

    Change water when bottom of bucket cannot be seen.

    Continue this procedure until floor is at desired level of cleanliness. If floor does not come clean, add detergent in ? oz. quantities.

    If some soiling cannot be removed in this way a light scrubbing motion back and forth can be used but ensure than no part of mop handle comes into contact with the floor as damage to the floor could occur.

    If floor dries to a haze, this is an indication that too much detergent has been used. Rinse with clean water.