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  • Archive | December, 2009

    Blood stains

    One of the cleanings I was at today was indeed, blood. Unfortunately, the client cut open her foot on a piece of glass and bled quite badly all around her home. The thing with blood is (and this applies to most spills) to try and blot up what you can, never scrub, that just spreads […]

    A quiet weekend

    Not much happening this weekend. I have a couple bedrooms to clean in Sylvan Lake, an oilfield office also in Sylvan then back home. Michael is still in the learning phase and continues to go out with me on the cleanings we have. He is learning quickly and I think he will be out on […]

    Aww, poorly dog

    Accidents happen, and this one was a St. Bernard, in a bedroom, on the carpet, in several places. What a mess. What a SMELL!!! Enzyme cleaner/deodoriser, pre treat let it sit then rinse. Repeat. Stains gone and now the room is ready for Christmas. I get home and guess what? One MY dogs has done […]

    Normal service resumed and fabric protection

    Decent temps today and for the forseeable future. Now we play catch up. Yesterday was a good day. We got he two Churches cleaned with the low moisture equipment. This was Mikes introduction to low moisture encapsulation. He was amazed how quickly we can move across an area to be cleaned and astounded at how […]

    Low moisture day

    Although I believe it’s still too cold for truck mount cleaning (although there are some that will try, good luck Guys!) I will be cleaning two Churches today using my Low moisture equipment. I clean many Churches this way, last week it was a Church in Red Deer, today I am in Sylvan Lake and […]

    Introducing my new carpet cleaning colleague

    I want to let you know that after 3 years I finally got the call I was waiting for. Michael Doucette joined us on Monday 7th December. He is a very experienced in all types of cleaning and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the Company. In addition to a full understanding of […]

    Cold weather postponements

    Well, the weather has done it again folks. It’s just too cold to clean carpet today. There are some Guys out there I am sure will try, but in my opinion, its best to keep doors closed on a day like today. Our equipment can freeze (even when we pre-heat the high pressure water line) […]