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  • Archive | March, 2012

    Thinking of changing your flooring? Read this!

    I have now had two clients spend upwards of $50,000.00 on flooring that does not perform as they thought it would. In both situations they were looking to reduce maintenance costs in scrubbing/stripping and waxing and just have a “mop and go” floor. This has not really happened in either case. Certainly, they do not […]

    Dare we say…Spring Cleaning?

    Well its nearly that time isn’t it? Not that we can complain too much about the weather we have had. We are starting to get Spring Cleaning requests now though and so we urge you to book ahead for this because we will be busy with regular work and although operating a couple of trucks, […]

    Fluorescent stains and how to remove them

    We are asked many times to remove these stains, whether they are juice, powdered drinks, wax spills the following is probably the best solution we have found that works most of the time. We tend not to carry out this procedure except on the smallest spills because it is time consuming and most folks when […]