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  • Carpet and Upholstery fabric protection?

    Should I get carpet and upholstery fabric protection? I don’t get asked this very often but was asked last week. This prompted me to add the page Beware coupons and laminated info sheets.

    Fabric protection is there in the event of a spill, to allow time to get to the kitchen (usually) and grab absorbent paper towel or a cloth, get back to the spill and blot it up (NEVER SCRUB). It can assist with clean up if you come home one day to find your cat or dog has had an accident.

    Fabric protection is best applied to dry carpet. The dilution rate for wet carpet is twice that for dry and so will cost more. What I did for my customer last week was sell them a gallon of protector and told them how to do it themselves, when the carpet was dry.

    If you have had carpet protection applied recently and you want to know if is adequate, there is a simple test to find out. Just call me to ask or check elsewhere on my site for the answer (come on, it won’t take long!)

    Stephen, the Carpet Cleaner

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