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  • Coupons

    Why do we not do coupons?

    Simple, I cannot afford to give the quality of service my customers expect.

    A coupon usually means a restriction of some kind to allow the cleaner to reduce time or quality, or both and enable them to still make money.

    Obviously this means a reduction in service to you.

    Or, the coupon might be small printed to say the total room size must not exceed 9 x 9 or something similar. As soon as the restriction is met, the coupon is void and you pay regular pricing, or more, and not many (if any) people turn the cleaner away once he is on the doorstep.

    This is also known as bait and switch. The coupon gets the door open (the bait) and then they switch you to a more expensive service or add on to make more money (the switch).

    Additionally, this technique is also well known for its effect on people. The disappointment felt at being switched or charged more is LESS than the disappointment they would feel at not getting the carpets cleaned at all. So they put up with it and pay the extra.

    I will not do this, plain and simple. With us, you pay for the time we are with you, cleaning. If we quote a price based on what you tell us and we find a much different picture when we arrive, we will talk to you about it and come to an agreement on price if that needed.

    Stephen, the Carpet Cleaner