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  • Thinking of changing your flooring? Read this!

    I have now had two clients spend upwards of $50,000.00 on flooring that does not perform as they thought it would. In both situations they were looking to reduce maintenance costs in scrubbing/stripping and waxing and just have a “mop and go” floor.

    This has not really happened in either case.

    Certainly, they do not need to wax the vinyl so that will save a considerable amount over the life of the flooring.
    What they do need to do is establish a daily maintenance plan that includes, dry mopping, vacuuming, damp mopping and in the latest case, dry buffing as well, daily for 30 days.

    This is actually a more aggressive cleaning program than they had and will likely cost them way more than they were paying.

    The flooring certainly does what they both need it to do so there is no issue with being sold the wrong product but forewarned is forearmed and but for a few minutes actually asking a professional floor care Company (us) they could have had a few questions prepared or had us look into the maintenance for them and then provide a report. Certainly, with the second client, there was a more cost effective solution available in both supply and maintenance and it is what I would (and have now) recommended.

    Stephen, Action Cleaning Solutions