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  • Process – VC Tile Scrubbing and/or stripping

    First, we protect the area with drop sheets and all our equipment is placed on these.

    Next we scrub or strip the dirt and/or wax residue from the tile using Ph neutral detergent or stripping agents. The floor is scrubbed with a 175rpm floor polisher and red, blue or black pads (red is for light scrubbing, blue intermediate and black are for stripping)

    The floor is rinsed and then neutralised. Neutraliser is used to ensure god adhesion of the wax finish to the tile.

    We then clear all materials except wax and applicator, which ensure s no contamination of the floor with the used cleaning materials.

    Finally we apply wax get to the desired finish. A scrubbed floor will usually require 3-5 coats to reach a gloss finish and a stripped floor usually 5-7 coats.
    Here is some video that we made and published to Facebook (suggest right click and open in new window)