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  • Normal service resumed and fabric protection

    Decent temps today and for the forseeable future. Now we play catch up.

    Yesterday was a good day. We got he two Churches cleaned with the low moisture equipment. This was Mikes introduction to low moisture encapsulation.

    He was amazed how quickly we can move across an area to be cleaned and astounded at how quickly it is dry.

    Another little job yesterday was a trial to fabric protect a chair. I know it will be fine but my client wants to ensure the job is done right (bad experience with another company that did a poor job).

    So I applied the protector and have left the chair sitting next to an unprotected one. Easy test to check the quality is to pour a table spoon of water onto each chair. The protected chair will let the water sit at least for long enough to get paper towel from the kitchen and blot the water up. You can apply the same test to protected carpet. If the water sits, its ok if not, it needs to be re-applied.

    Cheers for now,
    Stephen, the carpet cleaner