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  • Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

    You heard about Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning but what is it?

    A carpet cleaning method that uses approximately 60-80% less water than Hot Water Extraction (HWE)

    Other Carpet Cleaners say its no good

    Thats because they have not invested their time or money in researching it like we have.

    Is it as effective as HWE?

    Absolutely! We have spent months researching the best low moisture systems on the market and we believe this is the best of the best. It is as good and for some applications, it is better than HWE.

    How does it work?

    We Vacuum then pre-treat the carpet with an encapsulation liquid, and then agitate/clean with our equipment. This loosens soil and traps it in the encapsulation liquid. As the carpet dries we re-vacuum and lift the soil, the carpet is groomed and then we leave.

    Is it noisy or obtrusive?

    No! It is quieter than a vacuum cleaner and because of the quick dry times, we can clean commercial carpet during the day – no need to pay staff to stay on at night.[/wpcol_1half]

    Will I pay extra for fabric protector?

    No. Fabric protector is included on every cleaning.

    Is it best for commercial or residential carpet cleaning?

    We use Our VLM system for both residential and commercial.

    How long before my carpet is dry?

    It is hard to believe, but most carpet is dry in about one hour!

    Because of security issues, I cannot have hoses running into my building, how will this work for me?

    Simple, we bring all equipment into the building, secure it, and get to work.

    No doubt this will cost me more than HWE?

    No! In most commercial cases, VLM costs less than HWE. So much so that we are cleaning commercial carpets 3-4 times per year with only a marginal increase in cost over a single clean using HWE. This ensures longevity to the carpet and keeps the carpet looking great for customers and staff, all year through!