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  • The cost of carpet cleaning

    Whats the true cost of carpet cleaning?

    On two of my cleanings last week I got into conversations with ?my customers about the cost. Both were surprised and very relieved that they were not presented with “up-sells”.

    So, whats an up-sell? Well its sales speak for what is also known as “bait & Switch”. You (the customer) get baited in with a low price and then the technician switches you to higher value services. Maybe its vacuuming and pre=treatment (also known as pre-conditioner), spotting, antimicrobial (disinfectant) or deodorizing.

    You will see a lot about this on our web site and thats because its happening more often in our area.

    Both these customers had it happen to them and although thats very disappointing it was kind of satisfying to me because I do wonder sometimes if folks are even aware (or believe) that this takes place right here in Red Deer, Sylvan Lake and (especially) in Lacombe and Ponoka.

    I do my best to educate folks about how to compare pricing and service. When you add those two up they create the value the customer is looking for.

    I want my customers to come back to me time and again (and you do, and for that, THANKS!) and so I treat them as I want my family and I to be treated.

    There is nothing wrong with honest pricing (I have to make a living) and thats what we give, with absolutely NO ADD ONS.