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  • Confusion

    I had a client recently wonder why I charged him what I did for the work I had done.

    When his wife called me for a quote (which I gave) and scheduled the cleaning It was her husband that let me in and paid me.

    She had mentioned that she hoped I would do a better job than the last Guy, some three years before.

    I arrived, cleaned and presented my invoice for payment.

    He had not discussed the price with his wife and told me I charged more than the previous cleaner. I asked him when that was and he confirmed about three years. I pointed out that this was the sum his wife and I agreed. I don’t know what they paid for the bad service they got, but obviously any amount is too much when the job is done poorly.

    So, Ladies and Gents, the moral of this story is please discuss these things before we arrive.

    Stephen, Action Cleaning Solutions