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  • Ceramic tile and grout cleaning


    “Our ceramic tile and grout cannot be cleaned, we just have to live with the way it is.”

    Thankfully, this is no longer true. Whether its accumulated grease and dirt, or a sudden spill that stains the grout, we are uniquely able to make your ceramic tile and grout cleaning easy, quick, affordable and very effectively, restore it to like new condition.

    We use detergent based cleaners (NOT ACIDS) with our custom engineered equipment to clean your tile and grouting. If we cannot get your tile (and especially the grout) clean, we will not charge you.


    We have found that sealing of tile and grout is 75% preparation. The floor surface needs to be cleaned and the soiling completely extracted for a sealer to work effectively.

    We have seen many floors that were just not correctly prepared and the sealer needing to be re-applied in just a few short months. This is because as we just stated, the floor was not properly prepared.

    Something to be aware of is that many tile installers will do a great job of laying the floor only to tell you, the customer, to arrange to have the floor prepared for them to seal it. this is because they do not have the resources to clean the floor and as we said, 75% of the cost of sealing is preparation (which we include in our pricing) so you are likely paying far too much to have the job done.

    When you arrange for us to prepare and seal a floor the whole job is carried out by us and you do not need to be concerned that you are only getting a part of the job done.

    Stripping and Waxing Vinyl and Vinyl Tile

    When your customer walks through the door you need to make a great first impression and we want to help make that happen. Or if you have a home to sell, laying wax on the kitchen floor can make a huge difference to appearance when you walk in the room.

    Why would you choose Action Cleaning Solutions to strip and wax your vinyl?

    When you contact us to strip and re-wax your floor you are getting years of accumulated knowledge, quality products and a job that needs no return visit unless we recommend it as part of an ongoing maintenance program.

    On many occasions we have been asked to repair a brand new floor that has just been waxed. It may be the floor was not adequately prepared, the wax was just not suitable or (and this is more often the case) there was just not enough care taken with the job AND unsuitable wax was used.

    First, we listen to what you need and then tell you what we believe should be done.

    One major misconception we come across repeatedly is whether a floor actually needs the old wax stripped. Because we have ALL the tools we need and access to products that can bring a floor back to life in a very short time, we can often save you the inconvenience and expense of a full strip and re-wax.

    We understand that most of the work we do is to be carried out in ?unsociable? hours. That is not a problem so don?t even ask if its possible. We do the job when you want it done.

    Cleaning of your tile should be done daily (in high traffic environments) with a clean mop and clean, cool (not hot) water using a ?neutral? hard surface cleaner which we can supply or advise you about. Most supermarket supplied cleaners are expensive and far too aggressive, they will quickly destroy the wax finish, which can result in permanent damage to the tile it is supposed to be protecting.