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  • Carpet Cleaning in the snow

    Its not the first time I have arranged carpet cleaning in the snow before, but as we had our first two big dumps of snow recently I just wanted to say BOY am I glad I put a new set of winter studded tires on the truck. This is the first time I did it, having just gone with all terrain all season in the past. I bought a set of ?http://www.herculestire.com/tire-gallery/passenger-and-light-truck/winter/x-treme-lt/?They have certainly allowed me to drive with confidence, knowing I can get to pretty much any place with no issue. I have been to three places now that I would have struggled to get to without those tires and just yesterday instead of pulling 100ft of extra hose, I was able to drive up to the front of the home I was at (West of Rimbey) and park within a few feet of the door. Why is this important? One word, HEAT. The less hose needed, the hotter the water at the carpet and the more efficient the carpet cleaning process. The home I was at was an acreage property and the Range Road although ploughed, qould have still been difficult to get up, but not with those tires! From there I went back to Rimbey to offer an opinion on a commercial bay that has some pretty bad traffic soiling. In my opinion, the carpet could not be cleaned well enough to match the limited budget the renter has available. As they will only be there a couple of months, they are going to live with it and make do.

    Yesterday saw me in Ponoka cleaning carpet for the fourth time for this ?regular client ?and then to Rimbey. The roads were still poor to bad but I had no issues at all.

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