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  • Back to it…

    Well, Christmas is behind us and its time for clean up now the kids are back to school.

    The question we get asked most often is “do I need to vacuum the carpets before you arrive” and the simple answer is “no you do not” but there are really good reasons for doing so.

    Firstly, your carpet will look better for being vacuumed regularly.

    Second, A carpet needs to be regularly vacuumed to remove the small matter that gets right down deep in the pile. It works its way through the carpet and creates wear from the bottom. This will significantly reduce the life of a carpet.
    Next, if you regularly vacuum, you won’t need to do it for carpet cleaning.

    The whole carpet cleaning process is improved by having a well maintained carpet. This cuts down our time and therefore your cost.

    If you can, invest in a quality vacuum. I use one sold by Wesclean in Red Deer and its to be found here and it comes with a fantastic warranty. This is about a quarter the cost of these bagless vacs advertised on TV and performs so much better.

    Stephen, the Carpet Cleaner