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  • A quiet weekend

    Not much happening this weekend. I have a couple bedrooms to clean in Sylvan Lake, an oilfield office also in Sylvan then back home.

    Michael is still in the learning phase and continues to go out with me on the cleanings we have. He is learning quickly and I think he will be out on his own by the middle of January.

    What I like about him is his confidence with the equipment. We need to trust that the products and materials are doing what they need to achieve the results we desire, clean carpet.

    It’s no good to keep going over the same spot again and again trying to get it clean, all that does is make it wetter and then the risk of browning the carpet is there. Browning is an easy fix but scary (from a customers perspective) to see, as it occurs several days after the cleaning. In five years we have had less that a handful of carpets do this, and all of them were caused by too much product being left in the carpet from a prior cleaning that were were unaware of.

    Followup on the fabric protected chair.

    So the chair got moved before it could be re-tested. We protected it a couple of days ago and asked that it be kept to one side. It wasn’t. So now we do another chair and WAIT on site for it to dry before testing it for absorbancy. When we know its good we protect the other 400. We know its OK but the client wants proof before committing to the project and I can understand that.

    Have a great weekend!
    Stephen, the Carpet Cleaner